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Current information as of  1038 hours  08/14/2021



Covid 19 First Doses ARE Available   first come first served


I have plenty of vaccine supply for whoever wants it.   If you received your first dose from my office then plan to return in a minimum of 28 days to a maximum of 42 days.    I will still be doing vaccines on Tues and certain Fridays.  


I carry the Moderna vaccine which requires a second dose 28-42 days after the first dose.   



COVID Booster shot information.     VERY IMPORTANT


I will be following the guidelines of the CDC with regards to Covid Booster shots.  The current  CDC guidelines are for a booster 8 months after your second dose.  






PLEASE   if you use the "contact us" form - please include a phone number - situations can arrise quickly where I may reach out to people and emails are NOT a quick way to do that.  



Houcks Road Family Practice is an independent family practice office providing care for the entire family from infants to senior adult patients.   We are located in the Colonial Park section of Harrisburg close to Route 22.   Our physician - Dr. Paul D. Williams is a board certified family physician and has been providing care at this location for over 30 years.   We pride ourselves in the ability to provide personalized care and look forward to providing you and your family with a medical home. 


To schedule an appointment for a medical appointment  please https://www.patientfusion.com/doctor/paul-williams-do-13227    DO NOT use this link to schedule vaccine appointments.   



If you are calling because someone has tried to arrange a purchase of a vehicle or other merchandise via text or email  -   unfortunately this is a scam and DO NOT complete the transaction.  .  Any assistance is tracking the individual or individuals doing this is greatly appreciated.  The local police department is aware of this are they are investigating it.  

People sending spam over our contact us form will be reported.  


Also - it has come to my attention that someone is "spoofing" calls -  The ONLY reason I would be calling someone is if they were a patient or prospective patient and I was returning their call.  I DO NOT cold call/prank call/spam call ANYONE.   If you receive a call from someone claiming to be Dr. Williams or his staff  - DO NOT provide ANY information to the person calling and please contact the office to report this.  Anyone found misrepresenting themselves and contacting patients will be turned over to the local police for prosecution and you really should consider finding something LEGAL to spend your time with.  




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Houcks Road Family Practice 
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PLEASE include a phone # for us to contact you!!

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